Celerra Mho X Mahle X20.

You won’t see it.
You won’t hear it either.
But ohhh boy… you will definitely feel it once you step foot over this bike.

The all new Drag Bicycles Celerra Mho featuring the all new Mahle X20 Smart Bike System.

The Celerra Mho is designed for the performance road rider who wants the support of the drive unit but does not want to sacrifice the aesthetics and aerodynamics of a cutting edge road bike.
The minimalistic design of the Mahle X20 Smart Bike System is exactly the solution which answers to this objective.

So what do you mean by smart bike?

Well let’s break this down… The Rear Hub Motor is what makes the magic.
Barely visible, yet extremely powerful. With it’s 55 Nm of torque the X20 drive unit is compatible with the EU (25 Km/h) regulation and provide the right amount of support in the exact moment.
And the best part is that when maximum assisted speed is reached, the rider feels absolutely no drag.
Okay, and how long does it last?
The 350 Wh internal batteries can be combined with an additional 172 Wh Range Extender which adds up to 200km.
And, there’s more! The intelligent fast charging system loads the battery up to 80% of its full capacity in less than 2 hours so you can be back on the road faster.