The Southeast European office of the World Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Belgrade and the Bulgarian Foundation “Biodiversity” (member of the IUCN) organize a mass cycling procession from 28 April to 6 May 2012 devoted to the European Green Week (Greenweek).

“We offer you a unique opportunity to visit with us incredible historical sights in neighboring Serbia, the International Cycling path along the Danuberiver -EuroVelo 6. The road will lead us through one of the most beautiful stretches of the river – Djerdap National Park, with a rich history and outstanding natural beauty, fantastic canyons and fabulous coves, ancient fortresses and old castles. Our journey ends in the beautiful Belgrade, Kalemegdan fortress. ”

Day 1
Saturday, April 28 – Meeting at the Sofia Central Station at 7 am, loading the bicycles on the accompanying transport and departure by train to Vidin (7:35 to 12:30). Riding from Vidin (40 m) to BregovoBCP (30 km) and another 15 km to the ethnographic village Rayats and its famous wineries (Rajackepivnice).Overnight in guest houses or tents. – About 45 km.

Day 2
Sunday, April 29 – Visit of the city Negotin (89 m) and start riding along the Danube. Overnight in campsiteBrzaPalanka.About 50 km.

Day 3
Monday, April 30 – Continuing along the Danube nearMilutinovats with some climbing to about 140 m above sea leveland crossing a bend of the river to get toKladovo city. Here you have the opportunity to visit the archaeological museum in the city. In the afternoon we visit the ruins of the fortress Diana (I century) and spend the night in a boarding school in the village of New EPA. About 35 km.

Day 4
Tuesday, May 1 – Big travel day:we are going into the National Park Djerdap and see Tabula Traiana, as well as Veliki Kazan … We are staying for the night in guest houses in Donnie Milanovac. – About 60 km.

Day 5
Wednesday, May 2 – We visit the archaeological site Lepenskivir. Then take an old and not populated road, which for six kilometers climbsabout 500 meters above sea level, to give us wonderful views and 11 kilometers of descendingto the river. Overnight in the village of Dobra.About 40 km.

Day 6
Thursday, May 3 – Continue to the town of Veliko Gradiste. On the way we are going to visit the stronghold Golubats. Overnight at campsite Silver Lake. About 45 km.

Day 7
Friday, May 4 – Long day: after 20 km we reach the ancient town of Ram, where by a ferry we are going to pass on the left bank of the Danube. We are in the South Banat (autonomous province of Vojvodina). We go through a unique nature reserveDeliblatskapeshchara, visiting the historic city of Covina (79 m). Overnight at campsite Yabukov.About 70 km.

Day 8
Saturday, May 5 – Ride along the shore on unpopulated off-road paths, along the bays and beaches, till we reach the village Omolyitsa. Remains only the last stage – trough the town of Pancevo. We cross the Danube using Panchevatski Bridge and triumphantly reach our goal – Belgrade (116 m). Overnight in a hostel. About 50 km.

Day 9
Sunday, May 6 & ndash Sightseeing in Belgrade, Kalemegdan. Departure by train or bus to Sofia.

Biking a total of about 400 km
8 nights in guest houses, hostels and camping sites
Accompanying   transport for luggage and bicycles (if necessary).
Information and registration:
RossenVassilev (BSE) – Tel 0888330010, 0896798909
E-mail: rossen.vassilev @, skyperoko_bbf
Veronica Ferdinandova (IUCN Belgrade)
E-mail: Veronika.FERDINANDOVA @
Detailed description of the route (in reverse) and maps to download: here
Brochure for tourism along the Danube (download): here
Site for bicycle tourism in Serbia: