Set up of the bike and general tips for usage

We strongly recommend you to have your bicycle set up and prepared for riding by a professional mechanic using appropriate tools. Inappropriate set up can cause damage to the bicycle and injury or death to the rider.

Pedal Mounting:  The right pedal axle is indicated by the R symbol. This pedal is made for the right side and should be screwed on clockwise. The left pedal is marked with an L and should be screwed on counter-clockwise. Both pedals should be perpendicular to the crank arms.

Warning:  If the pedals are not screwed on properly you risk damaging the thread, which cannot subsequently be treated as a warranty defect.

The handlebar and the stem should never be set above the mark for minimum depth.

Tire Pressure:

The tyres should be inflated according to the rider’s weight, without exceeding the max pressure, which is indicated on side wall of the tyre. You can check whether the correct pressure has been reached by making sure when the rider is sitting on the bike that both tyres lose not more than 1/3 of their height. The wrong tyre pressure can cause problems while riding or damage to the tyres and wheel rims.

After longer usaage:

With time the bearings in the wheel can come loose and should be repaired only by a professional mechanic, because improper service can wear them down faster.

Lubricating the Chain:

After longer rides it’s recommended to lube the chain.There are two types of chain lube on the market for dry weather and for wet weather, using the correct chain lube is essential for a smooth feel of the bike and it also prolongs the life of the chain,the chain ring and cogs.If your having a hard time choosing which type of lude to use or how to apply the lube, watch our video tutorial “How to maintain the chain on our bike” on the video advise section below.


Gears must be changed only while moving and turning the pedals without picking up speed. Any other way can cause injury or damage to the components. The combination of gears should be chosen according to the terrain and the rider’s ability.
Do not use the smallest chain rings from the front and back sets of gears at the same time. This subjects your chain to the stress of operating at opposite extremes and the components will wear down faster. If this happens the warranty will not be valid.Invalid slider ID or alias.