Why do I need to register my bike?

When you register yоur DRAG bicycle in www.dragbicycles.com, you can use the benefits of DRAG Bicycles Warranty rules. In the Warranty rules you will find all the relevant information.

To fully benefit from the support that DRAG offers, register your product in 14 days at www.dragbicycles.com/register-product

Who should I contact to get info on sponsorship?

You may send all your inquiries and proposals to the following email address: info@velomania-bg.com. Please add information for feedback – name, address, phone, email.


What is DRAG’s warranty policy?

Please see our warranty here.

Does the warranty cover second hand bikes?

The warranty applies only to the first owner of the bicycle and cannot be transferred to another person. For more information, please see our Warranty policy.

How do I get warranty service?

Only bikes purchased from authorized dealers, in possession of an original warranty card and registered on www.dragbicycles.com have the right to warranty services.

Warranty services on DRAG bicycles are provided:

In Bulgaria – in DragZone stores and only in service areas of authorized dealers from which the bike has been purchased
Abroad – in DragZone Romania store and only in service areas of authorized dealers from which the bike has been purchased

I have a warranty issue with a non-DRAG component on a DRAG bike. What should I do?

“3rd party” components (e.g. SRAM or Shimano) are warrantied directly by that manufacturer. Separate warranty information for these parts should have been included with your bike when you purchased it. Contact your nearest Authorized Retailer for assistance.


What size bike do I need?

Before buying your bicycle you must find the right bike size. The right bike size depends on the bike model, flexibility and the following personal measurements: inseam, trunk, forearm, arm, thigh, lower leg, total height. We do not currently offer an online bike size calculator. We advise you purchase your DRAG bike from our DragZone stores or authorized dealers where our specialists have the expertise and experience in choosing the right frame size that fits you properly.

29er versus 27.5 versus 26 inch – which is best for me?

Current standards for wheel size of mountain bikes are 26”, 27.5”, 29”. The size 26″ is less common in new bikes. Each of these types has advantages and disadvantages. The higher the rider is, the more comfortable he/she will be with the big wheels. For cyclists with180 cm height 29” bikes are the best choice for most types of riding. 29-inch bicycles are also preferred from cross-country riders, regardless of their height. They provide the lightest bike more stability in downhill, good speed on the ground.

On the other hand, in some situations the big wheels are not that maneuverable, they appear more difficult to accelerate. In disciplines such as enduro, downhill and freeride most suitable bikes are 26” or 27.5”.

How can I get advice on what size bike I need?

Visit your local DragZone store or our authorized DRAG dealers or send the following information to support@dragbicycles.com:


Do you offer repair services?

Yes, you can repair your DRAG bike in our DragZone service areas. Each DragZone store has professional service area. Find your DragZone store and service area here.

My bike isn’t working well, what should I do?

Visit our DragZone service area. Our mechanics will diagnose your bike and give you more information. Find DragZone service areas here.


How can I find a DRAG Dealer?

Find a DRAG Dealer in your region with the dealer map on our website. See dealer map here.

Where can I test ride a DRAG bike?

Visit our test centers in DragZone stores in Bulgaria and Romania.

Test events are taking place in Bulgaria. Follow us on www.dragbicycles.com and see more information for upcoming test events.

Can I buy a DRAG bike online?

You can buy DRAG bike online. Visit our online store: https://dragzone.bg

How do I become a Drag dealer?

Please send your request here: info@velomania-bg.com


Where do I find my bike’s serial number?

You can find your bike’s serial number on the bottom bracket.

Where was my bike made?

DRAG Bicycles are designed and assembled in Bulgaria.

Do Drag bikes have a weight limit?

The rider weight is limited to:

up to 150 kg for hardtail aluminium and steel frames
up to 130 kg for road bikes
up to 100 kg for carbon fiber and full suspension frames

Can I get spare parts for my bike?

Visit our DragZone store, authorized dealer or send email to support@dragbicycles.com, specifying what spare parts you need.

What are the differences between the materials used?

Which material you choose depends on many factors—your style of riding, your weight, your sense of adventure.


Aluminum is widely used on today’s bikes. It is light, strong and stiff. It gives a solid ride for climbing, or lively handling in tight situations. It is heavier than carbon fiber and lighter than steel.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is increasingly used for higher end bikes. The fibers are bound together with glue to create a ply which are put together to form a laminate, making it strong like plywood. Carbon fibre is very tough as well as lighter than aluminium and since light weight is often sought by cyclists it has become popular in recent years. All racing bikes are made from carbon fiber. Its disadvantage is that it is brittle and once broken cannot be repaired, unlike metal.

I have a bike with a rigid fork, can I put a suspension fork on it?

It depends which model you have and what riding style you practice. Please, email us your DRAG Bicycle model and give short description of your riding style. We will be pleased to recommend you compatible products for your needs.

Can I put my carbon frame on a car rack?

Yes you can, but only if you make sure not to clamp or squeeze the frame tubing.

What is the difference between TE, Pro and Comp versions of the same model?

TE (Team edition) specifies the highest class bike equipment.

Pro is mid range.

Comp is basic, entry-level model.

How do I set up my fork and suspension correctly?

Check our Product manual


I crashed my helmet do I need to change it?

Yes, you have to.

Is a more expensive helmet better than cheaper one?

Expensive helmets are lighter and more comfortable because they have more ventilation but this does not necessarily mean they will perform better in a crash.

Bicycle helmets are not designed to last and should be replaced after several years or after a serious crash.