Our «Kid Fit» designed bicycles have kid sized handlebars, adjustable brake levers and adjustable crank arm lengths (available for few models) — two different mounting points for the pedals result in choice for shorter or longer cranks, depending of the age of the rider.

  • Подробная галерея
  • Характеристики
    Рама Rush, Kid Fit Steel
    Тормоза Alloy v-brakes
    Цепь YBN S410, 1 Speed
    Цвет Red/Blue; Blue/Green; Purple/Pink
    Шатуны/система WheelTop 36T, 127mm, Steel
    Вилка Rush, Kid Fit Steel fork
    Грипсы Rush With Safety Bar Ends
    Руль Kid Fit Steel Handlebar
    Рулевая колонка Rigid Steel With Safety Nut Stoppers
    Педали Plastic 9/16”
    Седло Rush Kid Fit
    Подседельный зажим Alloy, Single Bolt, 28.6mm
    Размер 18“
    Покрышки Vee Tire VRB025, 2.125
    Колеса Drag Hand Build, Single Wall Alloy Rim
  • Геометрия / Размеры
    Size 18"
    Seat Tube Length (ST) 230mm
    Top Tube Length (TT), Actual 390.9mm
    Bottom Bracket Drop (BD) 0mm
    Chainstay Length (CS) 320mm
    Seat Tube Angle (STA) 71°
    Head Tube Angle (HTA) 70°
    Wheel Base (WB) 763.5mm
    Head Tube Length (HT) 100mm
  • Технология

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