The best part of riding a Fixie is the experience. Those ridings on the wet asphalt when blocking pedals and wheels start “drifting” … just like listening to “Stereo” music … irreplaceable. Fixie gives us this special connection between the rider and the bike. When you ride, you get used to change the direction of movement rather than speed. Certainly these bikes are the fastest means of transport in the city for the simple reason that they have no brakes. The main advantage of the Fixie is that it is very simple and easy to maintain. This means that much less you will visit your mechanic. Light and comfortable   when we have to go down or up the stairs.

Significant advantage over other models is the lack of parts to steal.

Driving a Fixie as Drag Stereo is fun. At times perhaps slightly “annoying” when there is great interest and endless questions of passersby.

In 2014 DRAG launches its first bike with a fixed hub or so-called fixie. These models are“Stereo” and “One”. The difference with the other bikes is that they do not have brakes and are with a fixed gear. This means that when the bicycle is in motion, the pedals rotate constantly, and to stop the bicycle you must stop pedaling. Fixie is the heir of the bicycles that are designed for riding on track. Initially these bikes gain popularity in the U.S. years ago among providers of courier shipments .

It is HiTen Steel ( steel ) frame and is available in two sizes 520 mm and 550 mm respectively. The total weight of the bike is about 11 kg , which makes it lighter than mountain bike and classic city bikes. Components on the bike ‘COX’ and are specially selected to match the design of the bicycle. The rear rim is Flip Flop which means that there are wreaths on both sides – one is fixed and the other is a freewheeling, where brakes can be fitted as well. Tyres Schwalbe Spicer (700C x 28) are planned especially for our infrastructure and ride softer because of the large bubble. Have reflective strips for safety at night driving .
Oh, and ” trendy ” design certainly makes you feel special.