Location: Sofia
How long have you been riding bikes: Since I was 4 years old.Downhill I’ve been riding for the last 10+ years.
How are you training for the season: Riding MX,Dirt Jumps,Snowscoot i don’t do much fitness.
Competition disciplines:  Downhill, Enduro
Interest in other disciplines in which I do not compete: MX
Recent results: 7-th at Petrich Enduro Race
Results I am proud of: All the podiums i got in Downhill.
What would you change in the industry if you’re bike king/queen for a day :  Broadcast the downhill world cup on prime time TV.
Other hobbies: MX, Snowcoot.
What is important in your life:  My Family.
What would you do if you didn’t ride bikes: Can’t imagine not riding bikes.