Katharina Liensberger is an Olympic Champion from the Olympic winter games in Beijing 2022!

Katharina won a gold medal in the last day of the Olympics in the ski alpine discipline team event mixed relay.

A few days earlier Katharina won a silver medal. Congratulations on the Silver medal from the Olympics for the Austrian skier Liensberger Katharina! 👏🏻🎉

We are glad that she is training on a DRAG Celerra, the champion’s choice!

“Wow, Olympic Silver Medal in Slalom in Beijing 2022!🥈😍⛷
I really did it, I skied with my heart and even if I‘m not sure if I have everything realized yet I have amazing feelings, being superhappy, proud and thankful!😊🙌🦅🌟🙏
Big thanks to my team, my family and friends, my sponsors and supporters, and of course everyone crossing the fingers for me- you‘re all part of my way to this achievement, and this means so much to me!🙏
This race was really emotional and I also want to congrats @petravlhova13 and @wendyholdener for their medals and their great performance!👏 #goodjob
Thinking about the latest time that was not so easy for me makes my medal even more valuable!🙌🙏😊 And one of the most important things to say, I skied with you in my heart today- this one is for you grandpa❤️#alwaysinmyheart
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