Happy Birthday to the Bulgarian cycling star Miroslav Minchev.

We wish Miro many more years of racing competitions and to continue making us happy with his gold medals both in homeland and abroad.

Miroslav Minchev – the extremely talented and perspective cyclist has been competing with DRAG Bluebird track since 2012.

He has set 8 national records of sprint disciplines in Bulgaria (6 of 1000 meters and 2 of 200 meters).

From 2010 to 2016 Miroslav has only won gold medals, being always first on the podium. He competes in 3 disciplines: 1km Time Trial,

Sprint and Team Sprint.

7 gold medals 1km Time Trial

7 gold medals Sprint

7 gold medals Team Sprint

On the picture Miro is at the UEC Track European Championships 2016 in Saint Quintin-en-Yveniles in France, Paris; Miro is competing in the discipline 1km Individual Time Trial Men.