Filial Caja Rural-Seguros RGA debuts in the Giro d’Italia Under 23

For the first time in its long history of training cyclists, the Caja Rural-Seguros RGA development team will take part in one of the most important stage events on the international scene within its category, the Giro d’Italia Giovani Under 23 .

Eight stages from this Saturday, August 29 to September 5, with the last two days called to decide the general classification (Barzio-Montespluga and Aprica-Aprica, with the terrible Mortirolo just over 30 kilometers from the end of the race).

For this demanding challenge, Miguel Elrio will have five riders who have carefully prepared for the competition in which representatives of thirty other formations (eighteen Italians and thirteen foreigners) will be competing. Those called up are Carlos García Pierna , Jokin Murguialday , Josu Etxeberria , Camilo Castro and Jokin Mujika . 

Miguel Elrio (sports director): “Our main objective is to learn and continue training our cyclists. In that sense, that they take advantage of this experience and that it serves them for the future. We want to play a good role in the terrain that suits us best, which is the mountains. This is the best race in the world for commercial teams within the category, so we know that we will face the best cyclists in the entire peloton. Another objective is to let us see and measure our strength against them. “

“The first stages are deceptive, it seems that they do not have toughness but they are more complicated than they appear, with some ambushes. The toughness really begins on the fourth day, although it concentrates more on the final two stages with the last day in which Mortirolo passes and it will surely decide the race. In principle, the five of them go with the same idea. We have a balanced team with the same style of riders. We must take advantage of the opportunities that arise from the moment of form in which they are, the desire and the illusion that they have and try to show their face”. 

1st stage : Urbino – Urbino
2nd stage : Gradara – Riccione
3rd stage : Riccione – Mordano
4th stage : Bonferraro di Sorgà – Bolca
5th stage : Marostica – Rosà
6th stage : Colico – Colico
7th stage : Barzio – Montespluga
8th stage : Aprica – Aprica

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