Dragomir Kouzov


Starting out as a road racer in the Soviet Union, where he attended a specialised sports school, Dragomir Kouzov returned to his native Bulgaria as a teenager. He built his first DRAG bikes in a small workshop in Sofia in 1998 and started to mass produce under the DRAG brand in 2000. Passionate about all kinds of cycling, Kouzov is the driving force behind initiatives to increase the popularity and safety of cycling in Bulgaria among all age groups, such as the event in Sofia to mark the European Day without Cars on September 22nd, the ‘Streets for People’ event in Sofia and a whole calendar of mountain bike and road competitions.

Kouzov is the former Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Bicycle Manufacturers, a member of the Advisory committee on bike lanes at Sofia council and a member of the board of The Electromobile Association of Bulgaria. In 2017 Dragomir Kouzov was named a member of the UCI Equipment Commission (Union Cycliste Internationale) in a letter from the President of the UCI, David Lappartient. This is the first time in the 117 year history of the UCI that a Bulgarian has been selected to join one of its commissions.

An active cyclist to this day, Kouzov can be found on his bike most weekends up till January, at which point when he spends all of his free time on the ski slopes.

Tsvetelin Lyubenov

Head Designer

The man responsible for the sleek look and feel of all our bikes, Tsvetelin was nearly in danger of going into the world of automobile design after winning 1st prize from Brabus for his design of car wheel. Since joining the company in 2009, the certified design engineer has designed over 70 bikes, bringing a unified look to the company’s range not only of bikes but also our popular road cycling outfit, protection gear and jerseys for the Drag racing team.

Vesselin Stoilov ‘Spiro’

Technical Support

Spiro’s expert knowledge of the bike parts market combined with his daily interaction with riders from all walks of life puts him in the perfect position to advise DRAG’s designers on the winning formulae. A veritable minefield of information about all things bike-related, Spiro is equally comfortable in the repair shop putting people’s bikes right and learning about real-life problems and solutions as he is in the store front advising our customers on the best choice for them.

When he’s not gathering feedback, Spiro is out on his faithful Drag Grand Canyon, perfect for commuting even in the snow-bound Bulgarian winter.

Lubo Todorov

Mechanic and Test Rider

Lubo became part of the DRAG team in 2002 via his passion for DH racing. Bikes are his life – he rides to work daily, where he spends his time repairing and servicing all kinds of bikes, and in the active season he takes part in DH racing competitions as a veteran.

His favourite bicycle is DRAG Kink, which he uses for both commuting and racing. Lubo’s reputation as a perfectionist means his repair shop is always full!