Dear friends,
The past year was very unusual for the whole wide world but for the small world of cycling it was close to surreal.
The giant leap in both demand and challenges we faced proved a truth we tell ourselves every day in the last 21 years – in order to be good and to stay in the loop no matter the weather, you have to think ahead of time.
Contemporary is not enough anymore; you have to make it future-proof.
Today we pride ourselves with the podiums of more and more teams riding DRAG bikes on their road to greatness. Being present in the ‘A’ Game of professional sport and working closely with new proficient partners gives us the possibility to compete shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world and keeps our standards on a high level which inevitably reflects our approach also for the more basic models.
Having accumulated this valuable know-how over time, the 21st year of DRAG Bicycles comes with many new models, features and updates which embody tendencies and technologies that set next generation-level standards and are here to stay.
A major leap upwards for us is the total MTB line-up upgrade that is now a fact.
Isolation at home made us focus deeply on the design and brought stronger than ever motivation to do field tests. We double-checked the profoundness of each of our technologies and challenged the relevance of every set of components of every bike – piece by piece.
The result: the bikes in our range not only incorporate the up-to-date technological and costumer trends, but thanks to our years of expertise, life-long passion for cycling and persistent push for upgrade they are ready to face the requirements of the years to come.
It’s might sound a bit like a cliché but it is surely the truth – DRAG Bicycles are created from riders to riders. We take cycling joy seriously and we aim to provide best-in-the-range riding experience without emptying your pocket.
In the next pages we’ll go deeper into the know-how and the technologies rooted in the creation of each bike but here is the common rule, our recipe for the bikes to be future-proof: