We’re stoked to announce that for a second year in a row some of our best models appear on the World of MTB “Best of 2021” list!

This year they include the hardtail 29 Trigger 9.9 GX-12, the top gravel bike 28 Sterrato CF 7.0 EKAR and the kid’s dream – 24 Badger Lite DB.

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to the adventures ready DRAG Sterrato CF with Campagnolo EKAR 13 speed groupset and COX carbon wheelset.

If you want to ride confidently the same bike on asphalt and paved roads, but also on gravel terrains and mountain trails – Sterrato is the right bike for you. The new DRAG Sterrato CF combines the best practices and solutions from the trendy and innovative GRAVEL genre. Adapted to prolonged cycling, with modern geometry, disc brakes and carefully selected components, it will give you the confidence to ride fast on any terrain. The carbon fork absorbs vibrations and enables precise and comfortable handling.

Thanks to a 9T sprocket, Ekar’s unique and innovative gravel-specific 1×13 drivetrain delivers a full range of gear ratios with smooth, natural gear progressions for the perfect cadence, whatever your speed, and whatever your style of gravel riding. With chainring –  40T – and a cassettes –  9-42T – Ekar is ready for however you ride and wherever your adventures take you! The crankset is the heart of the new 1x Ekar system, with its optimised gearing ratios, sensitively spaced across a wide range.

Here’s what they say about the 28 Sterrato CF 7.0 EKAR bike from the german magazine WOM:

“With the Sterrato CF 7.0, the Bulgarians at Drag want to close the gap between road and mountain bikes. The bike design conceived for long distance is combined with parts from the gravel genre so that a real all-round bike is created. The latest parts such as the Campagnolo Ekar 13-speed gravel groupset, which also includes the disc brakes and cranks, are incorporated. The remaining parts also fit well with the independent carbon frame. The gravel tires with skin wall complement the modern look.”

Price: 4 399 Euro

Weight: 8.92 kg (frame size M)

Find out more about detail specifications and geometry of the bike here: 28 Sterrato CF 7.0 EKAR