Portuguese SIC TV channel filmed DRAG’s production and retail business as part of its ‘Green Europe’ series.

The 6 minute programme covered the sustainable history and development of DRAG, one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Bulgaria. Dragomir Kouzov, CEO of DRAG bicycles, let the reporters in on some of the most interesting moments from the company’s beginnings, production methods, and corporate social responsibility in organising and supporting countless bike events.

DRAG has its own corporate social responsibility programme, encouraging its employees to cycle to work and rewarding them with free bike parts. The programme follows DRAG sales assistant Bogomil Anev from his home in the Iztok district of Sofia to his work in the DragZone store in the centre of the city. The company believes strongly in promoting a healthy lifestyle and green modes of transport.

According to media sources, Bulgaria is in the 6th place in Europe in terms of bicycle production and export.