DRAG Icosanona & ROTOR 1×13 MTB at 2Zens Bike GmbH & Co. KG Schermbeck, Germany 🇩🇪

For cyclists who want to upgrade their current transmission with a lightweight, reliable hydraulic system, the Icosanona is build for performance in every aspect.

1×12 is the entry point to the ROTOR 1×13 platform without having to change your current 10s / 11s hubs and wheels.
Including Rear derailleur, shifter, KAPIC crankset, 12 speed cassette, 1x Chainring, 12s Chain. 
Weight: 1.531 grms  

The perfect balance between lightness, precision and durability 1×13’s proven hydraulic technology gives you a super light ride with complete reliability as you rip through to mud or pedal thousands of kilometers. With 13 speeds you have more range when climbing, downhilling or on the flat with a choice of perfectly sequenced sprocket sizes to match your off-road riding style. Choose your 1×13 groupset kit and customise your gearing sizes to best suit your cycling needs