On April 9, 2014 , Wednesday, at 10.00 am at South Park in Sofia young and old will ride bicycles as part of the ” bicycle – Ecology and Health” , initiated and organized by Overgaz and funded by the European Business Congress partner bicycles DRAG.

The main objective of the organizers is to encourage people of all ages to live healthy, active and environmentally friendly, recalling and consolidate cycling as one of the most effective means to do so .

Among the official guests of the event will be representatives of the project partners – Overgas governmental Ecological Fund Vernadskiy , Gazprom Vemeks , Serbiagaz , Bozhurishte and of course the manufacturing company of bicycles DRAG and others.

This is another initiative that Overgaz organized within the ” bicycle – ecology and health.” From October 2013 Bozhurishte already has a bike park , equipped with 25 wheels, which makes it one of the four municipalities whose residents acquire a free bike . The other three are Satalitse (Czech Republic) , Sochi (Russia) and Novi Sad (Serbia) .

European Business Congress was founded in 1997. Congress seeks to stimulate investment and to facilitate the dialogue between business and politicians in seven business sectors – energy, ecology, health, law , banking and finance, information and communication, manufacturing and construction , human resources , education and science. Overgaz was among the founders of the organization, with a membership of 120 of the largest European and global energy and infrastructure companies .