Last weekend was held the Cyclo-Cross Hungarian National Championship. It was held at the Sports Ground of the University of Miskolc on Sunday, January 10, organized as the IV. Decathlon BorsodCross Cyclo-cross Hungarian Championship. The event was held in muddy, icy conditions, on a technical, difficult track worthy of a national championship.

The Hungarian team Lotus cycling club which rides on DRAG Bicycles since last year also took part in the competition and the national title was not late to be received.

Gergely Virag onboard her DRAG Sterrato took the National CX Title in the girls category.

Dorka Jordan (The National TT 2020 Champion) also took part in the race onboard her DRAG Corsa bike as she finished 4th in the women elite category.

This year, compared to previous years, the organizers managed to designate an even more difficult, even more technical course, a series of breaks and slopes awaited the starters of the competition, which was made really difficult by the weather. The muddy ground track froze at night and thawed continuously during the day, so riders had to bike in dense mud and ice-frozen ground. The mud left its mark on the race, technical problems and falls made life difficult for cyclists. High-level bike handling was essential (this was now not a race for hobby-loving crossers, but for real riders) and the lack of replacement bikes + helpers was a serious drawback.