DRAG Bicycles Celerra & Martigues Sport Cyclisme – Payden&Rygel at the 68th Tour of Bulgaria!

The tour started on June 30 in Sofia and will finish on July 5 in Gabrovo, with a total of about 770 racing kilometers, which are divided into a prologue and 5 stages with a common start.

The prologue is on the 30th in Sofia with a length of 1 km around the Church – the Monument of St. Alexander Nevsky. The start is at 6 pm and the competitors will start at intervals of 30 seconds. This spectacular start will give all spectators the opportunity to get acquainted with the participants in the tour and to witness the first winner of the Yellow T-shirt as a leader in the competition.

The official start of the race will be given on July 1 at the National Assembly Square in Sofia at 12.15 pm, after which the cyclists will start on the first stage Sofia – Plovdiv with a length of 178 km. Two premium sprints are planned, the first in Samokov and the second in Pazardzhik. The stage also includes an award for climbers from the 3rd category in KK Borovets. The final in Plovdiv is expected to be around 16.45 in front of the St. Petersburg Hotel. We can easily define the stage as sprint, as the height near Borovets is not steep and is at the beginning of the stage, which will allow the teams with good sprinters to control the stage.

The second stage Plovdiv – Troyan is 113 km long and will start in front of the International Fair at 13.15 pm on July 2. The final in front of the building of the Municipality of Troyan is expected to be around 4.15 pm. The prize sprint will be in Karlovo, and the prize for climbers Beklemeto is from the 1st category. Although short, this stage will largely determine who will be the main contenders for the final victory. Beklemeto is considered one of the most difficult heights in Bulgaria due to its length of 22 km and an average slope of almost 6%, but the descent to Troyan should not be underestimated, especially if it is raining or the pavement is wet.

The third stage Troyan – Sliven is 180 km.

The fourth stage Sliven – Bourgas is 108 km long.

The last 5th stage is Karnobat – Gabrovo with a length of 18 8 km. .

If we have to summarize in one word the route of the 68th International Cycling Tour of Bulgaria, this is a classic. A total of three crossings through the Balkan Mountains with climbing the two most iconic heights – Beklemeto and Shipka. The length of over 800 km together with the neutral zones for 5 stages is also acceptable. All that remains is for all these factors to contribute to a really exciting and full of many interesting moments cycling tour of Bulgaria.