The cycling club of the city of Martigues was created in 1935 by Mr. Bertrand under the name Vélo Club Martégal and at the time it combined a couple of different sports. In 1964 the club is renamed to Martigues Sport Cycling and was orientated towards the cycling sport. The club has rich history, more of it you can read on their website 2015 the partnership with DRAG Bicycles began and the team was named “MARTIGUES Sport Cycling – DRAG Bicycles”.  In 2018 the team has 8 new members :

Samy Aurignac, 25 yrs.
Robin Caldesaigues, 18 yrs.
Kévin Catta-Sekkiou, 27 yrs.
Dimitri Chauvin, 22 yrs.
Luc De Simone, 24 yrs.
Brandon Downes, 26 yrs.
Marcis Kalnins, 19 yrs.
Radoslav Konstantinov, 34 yrs.
Alexandre Léonien, 18 yrs.
Byron Munton, 19 yrs.
Nathan Pernot, 20 yrs.
Renaud Pioline, 33 yrs.
Raphaël Verini, 27 yrs.

The new season looks very promising for the club.