Bike Rentals

DRAG Bicycles are available for rent at 5 locations in Sofia in the DragZone stores and in Varna.

Apart from the beautiful ZX1 bikes that were specially branded for Sofia Design Week festival, we also offer great new models such as 29er, ZX 4 and F5 Pro, our classic road bike DRAG Master and city bikes such as Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon Lady, City Hawk. Our eyecatching Boulevard is also available at DragZone Bulgaria.


1 hour 4 lv
1 day 15 lv
Weekend 30 lv
Week 90 lv

Terms of use:

All you need to do is leave 20 leva deposit and ID details.

Bike rental places:

Each of the DragZone stores has a different set of bikes so if you fancy trying a specific bike give them a call and find out if they have it in stock.

Request to rent a bike

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