For another year, the competitor and coach of SKK “Sprint” Razgrad Miroslav Minchev again set a national record on the track.

Miro, who rides a DRAG Bluebird Track bicycle, nailed the chronometers in the 1000 m discipline with a new national record – 1: 4 ”40 (1 m. 4 sec. 40 hundredths).

This happened on November 1st at the Romanian Open Cup, where our national cycling team had the right to participate, but outside the standings.

The preparation of the national team in Plovdiv for the European Championship is in full swing, and Miroslav hopes to perform even better and improve the record again.

The European Championships is the most important track cycling race in the world for 2020 and will be the last test for the elite in the sport before the Olympic Games in Tokyo next summer.
It will be held for the first time in the Kolodruma Hall in Plovdiv between November 11th and 15th, with the expected number of athletes being 350, coaches – 150, and media representatives – 50.
The event will be broadcast live every day on Eurosport 1 and Bulgarian National TV.

More information and program for the European Championship follow on the Facebook page of the event: